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Sunset Celebration

Watching the Marco Island sunset is the perfect way to slow down, relax, and immerse yourself in the iconic Florida ritual of worshipping the beauty, power, and warmth of our golden sun. Also not to be missed nightly, live Fire Dancer show, which begins at sunset at Quinn’s. This high-energy performance pays homage to the Balinese inspiration and design aesthetic of our resort. Come watch in awe at the talent of our spectacular Fire Dancer. It’s fun for the entire family!

The Legend of the Green Flash

With a little luck, some day you might glimpse one of nature's most dazzling phenomena. There's a bit of magic about a setting sun. Those of us who live near the beach are regularly treated to spectacular sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico, which lure us to our balconies or to the beach at dusk. Each sunset is unique and glorious in its own way. But every once in a while, the setting (or rising) sun puts on a show that is truly awesome. Lasting but a few seconds just as the sun lies at the horizon, a dazzling phenomenon known as The Green Flash sometimes occurs. Those lucky enough to have witnessed this elusive event describe it as an abrupt strong green flash, lasting mere seconds, that occurs at the top of the setting sun just as the last part of the disk is about to dip below the horizon. It occurs only when the proper combination of atmospheric scattering, dispersion and absorption are present. Although very thin, the green rim is magnified by the atmospheric lens so that a momentary — and breathtaking — pulse of green appears on the crest of the sun. Watch for it!

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